Founder / Line producer

Xiaoyan Li / Sasha


Sasha is an independent filmmaker who works enthusiastically on bridging and building platforms between the Netherlands and China within the fields of film, arts and culture. She came to the Netherlands for culture exchange in 2008 from Shanghai, then started her college study at Utrecht University. In 2011, she attended international exchange program in Chinese University of Hong Kong, then worked as project producer in French brand consulting company Dragon Rouge in 2013.

Her experience of film production started back in 2012. In the beginning of 2014 she founded Acumen Film to focus on human diversity and multicultural topics. She hopes that through Acumen Film, it would be possible to offer the audience one more channel in their busy lives, to take a rest and look back into their inner worlds. After all, who we are and how we perceive ourselves are the determining factors to who we will become eventually.

At this moment, apart from directing and producing short documentary, short film and video, Sasha also works as freelance line producer, assistant director, editor, translator on set & for movie footage.

Most of the freelance productions she participated, or projects produced by Acumen Film can be found under page Portfolios or on Linkedin.