My Father's Choice

Culture/ Humanity/ History/ Immigration

In the documentary My Father’s Choice director Yan Ting Yuen links the personal history of her father and his family to the major developments of the past fifty years in China: the Great Chinese Famine in the fifties, the Cultural Revolution in the sixties, the exodus to the West in the seventies, which resulted in the Chinese conjunction of communism and capitalism, and the China of today as the greatest economic power in the world.  A story unfolds in which the relation between the individual and the collective, the small-scale, personal history and the big, global history, is one of continuous friction.

Role: researcher, actress

Type: feature-length documentary

Director: Yan Ting Yuen

Selected at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017

Year of production: 2014-2016

Shooting location: the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Mainland China

Produced by Witfilm, Trueworks


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